About Russos Bistro


Located in Kitty Hawk, NC, Russos Bistro is a local pub near you. We founded the business over a decade ago to give locals a place to meet and socialize. We’re lovers of craft beer and wanted other fans of this type of beer to find a place where they can enjoy a glass of their favorite drink.

We offer premium bar services, including cocktails and accompanying dishes to ensure that all your needs are met. Our pub has been decorated to create the right ambience for customers who need to relax and cool off their heads.

Our waiters are highly trained and experienced in serving all types of clients. They offer excellent customer service because they understand the importance of clients in our business. Available at your call, we continuously train our team to ensure that you receive exceptional pub services.


We also serve all types of craft beer to our clients. We also offer tasting services to help you try out new beers to help you order something you’re bound to love and enjoy.

At Russos Bistro, the customer is always right. Our business success depends on your satisfaction and happiness. Therefore, we do everything to ensure that each customer who walks into our bar has all his needs met.

We’ve also invested in the latest bar amenities and facilities to meet the needs of the modern customer. You can also access free internet while at our local bar. Our sanitary facility is always clean because we understand the essence of cleanliness in our area of business.


What’s more, we’re licensed by the local authorities to offer bar services in Kitty Hawk.

We adhere to all industry standards to ensure you receive quality services. All our waiters are also licensed to work in the bar industry.

Our team members love their jobs. They’re passionate about their tasks and thus do their best in everything they do. We give them incentives from time to time to motivate them to work harder and serve our customers well.

The best performers are rewarded to motivate them and the entire team to improve their production. We give cash and non-cash rewards. We also give our members career advancement opportunities to help them grow in their respective career lines.

Top performers are also promoted to higher ranks or receive salary raises. We’re your go-to bar for your favorite drink or the perfect place to meet new people and make lasting friendships. Visit us to experience entertainment like no other.

We’re a local pub that offers bar services

We provide craft beer and cocktails to our esteemed customers. We also offer entertainment in the form of music performances and lives games that sports fans can watch on our screens.

We also provide a place where you can visit with your friends to catch up and have a good time. Russos Bistro also gives customers a chance to meet new faces, initiate conversations and make friends.

What We Do




You can also order your favorite meals to accompany your favorite drinks. For instance, we prepare some of the most delicious barbecues in town. Whether you prefer beef, chicken or fish barbecues, we’ve got your needs covered.

What’s more, you can order drink carry-ons and/or food take away to bring home if you’d like some quiet time in your house. You can bring your containers or buy some to carry your favorite craft beer home.

We also provide events venue for your birthday parties, anniversaries, bachelor or bachelorate parties, or even family get-togethers. If you’re into eating or drinking outdoors, you’ll love spending time at our outdoor seating area.

We’re your go-to entertainment joint during your free time.

Mission and Vision ​


The mission of Russos Bistro is to provide an entertainment spot for locals and residents of Kitty Hawk in NC. We provide a place where locals can walk into any time for endless fun and entertainment.


We aim to be the go-to place for residents of Kitty Hawk and visitors to the community. Our focus is to offer unmatched bar and entertainment services. We also seek to see more customers walk into our pub as part of our business growth.