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Craft beer is a type of beer made by small breweries and brewpubs. Craft beers are typically produced in limited quantities with traditional ingredients such as malted barley, hops, yeast, and water.  Craft beers can be broadly classified into ales or lagers; however, there are many variations within the brewing industry today that include fruit-based wines (such as ciders), imperial stouts and porters, Belgian styles like lambics and saisons, wheat beers (Witbier), rye beers (Roggenbier) or gluten-free options like sorghum-based beverages.  The craft brewing market has grown significantly over the past few years with new breweries opening up all around the world to meet the demand for these unique flavors of alcohol.

What is craft beer? Craft beer is a type of alcoholic drink that has an increased amount of flavor and variety when compared to the more mainstream beers. It typically has a higher alcohol content than regular beer, which allows for more flavors.

Craft brewers are small businesses that make their own recipes with less focus on mass production in order to maintain quality control over the final product. These breweries are often family-owned or operated by people in the community who have been making homebrews for years before they opened up their business.  These brewers brew craft beers with different ingredients such as fruit, herbs, spices, and vegetables to create new tastes instead of just adding hops at various stages during the brewing process as most traditional American lagers do.

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