Why Bars and Lounges Should Incorporate Sporting Activities

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Why Bars and Lounges Should Incorporate Sporting Activities

Every reveler wants to have fun and exciting moments as they enjoy their sip of beer. The speed associated with the modern lifestyle makes time a precious commodity. If you don’t use it well, you end up having undone chores that are of importance even to your health. After a hectic day, you want to catch up with friends over coffee or beer. You also notice you have been physically inactive at the same time you want to enjoy some nightlife. How best can you divide this time and still enjoy time networking with friends?

Entertainment entrepreneurs should capitalize on this gap and make their premises a one-stop place after work. With the tight schedule, people tend to postpone some of the things for a later date and not to it at all. That explains why many people fail to uphold their gym schedules; it’s the easiest thing to drop on your to-do list. Why not have a physically engaging activity within the bar lounge?

According to the United Nations report, 80 percent of the American adult and child population are battling lifestyle diseases due to a sedentary lifestyle. Looking at the people at the bar on the weekend tells you that people value their emotional and social well being than their physical well-being.

As a hospitality entrepreneur, take advantage of this and have a sporting facility within the bar for the following reasons:

  1. People spend more time at the bar.

When sitting and not doing much, you tend to get bored faster. You will finish your few bottles and dash home.

As they leave the premises, do they go home or to another bar. If it’s to another bar, then you have to bring what they get from your competitor within.

As an entrepreneur, you need to research and understand your customers. Get to know what keeps them longer in your bar.

Some of the answers include

  • Entertainment
  • Sports facility
  • Good food
  • Comfortable seats and high-end customer service
  • The in-house drinks

Depending on the kind of answer, you now have an idea of where to put your time and effort to make them stay longer in your business premises. As they last longer, they spend more, and that translates to more sales and business growth.

  1. Promotes healthy living

Physical sport within your premises is like taking advantage of the time and money they spend on the gym facility for your business. As they play the pool game, or table tennis, or air hockey, they have their bottles of beer or wine or soft drinks that keep them entertained whatever the game.

Before they notice, they have consumed more bottles and don’t regret it since they have also burnt some calories. Some revelers may argue, it’s cheaper than getting to the gym, yet they experience almost the same thing.

  1. Be ahead of the competition.

Business is all about competition. If it’s about the beer brands, they are standardized in the market. The only difference is the kind of service and value–added benefit within your business.

The sports facility is a valuable-added service that attracts and maintains customer loyalty; it makes you be ahead of the competition. Customers feel they are more to do other than the bottle.

Why not get to a bar where you will sharpen your ping pong skills after an extended stay indoors during the pandemic. What are the benefits?

  • Control a higher market share
  • Encourages spending hence more profits
  • Promotes the business
  • Enjoy monopoly
  • Easily dictate terms of service
  1. Enhances social connections and networking

Emotional and psychosocial support is better with numbers. While at the pool table taking turns to use the hue, you engage and discuss politics and current affairs. People tend to get acquaintances.

It reaches a level that becomes addictive if you don’t create time and meet the “boys” at the pool or tennis table over a beer bottle. These are some areas that you sharpen your communication skills; you informally meet the who-is-who in the corporate and political scenes and have a personal development plan to meet the demands of the “club.”

Social networks are essential for your career development. You get connections to business partnerships and even form business networking platforms ideal for any corporate executive.

  1. A marketing tool

As they play and post on various social media platforms, the business becomes the talk of the town. Everyone wants to associate with it to become a statistic.

Within no time, it’s like the bar is the “only” place to be, and if you aren’t, then you are out of place.

Before you notice, you are overwhelmed with the customer and either have to look for a bigger and better home or open another one within the city to accommodate the growth. What else do you need? 

Consumer marketing is the most effective with fast returns since it comes from the consumer of service. Customers believe in fellow customers and know that it’s unbiased and not a paid marketing platform.

  1. Promotes customer loyalty

Sports facility promotes customer retention. You prefer to play with teammates whom you are used to and understand their ability rather than start new ones. You never end a game when with your favorite playmates.

Every day comes with new challenges. Playmates even plan on their activities which you can’t afford to be part of the event. As simple as it may sound, that’s how you get to enjoy customer loyalty from the sports facilities you made available for them as their source of entertainment and physical fitness.

Allow your customers to get food for the soul as they also burn excess fat and remove additional calories at the comfort of your bar. You reap the fruits within no time that translates to more sales and customer loyalty.

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